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How to become like a Bioinformatician?-: Re-evolution in Evolution!!!  
  Introduction 12/12/2019 2:58pm (UTC)
Bioinformatics is the application of computer technology to the management of biological information.

The needs for Bioinformatics:
  • Computers are used to gather, store, analyze and integrate biological and genetic information which can then be applied to gene-based drug discovery and development.
  • Need for Bioinformatics capabilities has been precipitated by the explosion of publicly available genomic information resulting from the Human Genome Project.
  • The science of Bioinformatics, which is the melding of molecular biology with computer science, is essential to the use of genomic information in understanding human diseases and in the identification of new molecular targets for drug discovery.
  • Common activities in bioinformatics include mapping and analyzing DNA and protein sequences, aligning different DNA and protein sequences to compare them and creating and viewing 3D models of protein structures.
  • The primary goal of bioinformatics is to increase our understanding of biological processes.

  • Major research efforts in the field include sequence alignment, gene finding, genome assembly, protein structure alignment, protein structure prediction, prediction of gene expression and protein-protein interactions and the modeling of evolution.


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  Role of Bioinformatician

"Here is some of the Bioinformatics Resources on the Internet"
  Bioinformatics activities @ NICAS
BIOINFORMATICS an emerging multidisciplinary field of science and technology which has immense application in the various area of scientific research. This department was started as an independent department by the management of Noorul Islam Educational Trust , being affiliated to Manomaniam Sundaranar University in the year 2001 with prime motto of dispersing and sharing knowledge to the students to excel in their career. The department offers undergraduate (B.sc) , post graduate (M.sc) and post doctoral (M.phil) degree programs in Bioinformatics. The department immense success by training post graduate Alumini who are all placed in reputed institutes and firms with a challenging career ahead.

The department has full fledged highly functional Ug and PG computational lab with drug designning software Autodock, Discovery studio, etc.

Infrastructure and state-of-the art computational facilities like Linux , Windows Xp cluster, the department continuosly achieves paramount success in its current research projects along with work dedication of the students ,staffs and continuous cooperation of the management.
* To evolve as a pioneer in Bioinformatics research with a focus on development of innovative product and services.

* Attaining new heights in research, shaping bioinformatics as premier precision tool for future for creation of sustainable societal development.

*Special effort would be made to integrate diverse disciplines/professional required to attain self reliance in this world.

I. Microarray Data Analysis
Microarray analysis techniques are used in interpreting the data generated from experiments on DNA, RNA, and protein microarrays, which allow researchers to investigate the expression state of a large number of genes .
# Bioinformatics Application
•Data analysis in the Microarray is a vital part as this part influences the final result.
•Deals with giving a biological interpretation of the microarray data(spots) by constructing a tree that provides a correlation statistics of the microarray data.
• Understands the benefits of using statistics in interpreting a biological data
• Allows detection of thousands of genes simultaneously
• Tools for the analysis of a gene and a genome –Splice center, Gene spring, Genowiz,…
Diagnostic application of gene expression data, especially microarrays; designing simulation models of microarray data; developing statistical pattern analysis methods for classifying tissue samples based on gene expression profiles.

II. Enzyme technology
Enzyme engineering (or enzyme technology) is the application of fermentation process using catalytic activity of isolated enzymes, to produce new metabolites or to convert some compounds into another's (biotransformation). The process starts with the isolation and characterisation of the required enzyme. This information is analysed together with the database of known and putative structural effects of amino acid substitutions to produce a possible improved structure. This factitious enzyme is constructed by site-directed mutagenesis, isolated and characterised. The results, successful or unsuccessful, are added to the database, and the process repeated until the required result is obtained.
# Bioinformatics Application
a.New enzymatic processes are being developed and new uses are being devised for currently available industrial enzymes.
b.New enzymes are being produced by classical means and 'by design'.
•Bioinformatics and genome mining for new enzymes
•Computational and statistical approaches for enzyme engineering
•Directed evolution and high-throughput screening
•Expression and modification of enzymes for secondary metabolites
•Metabolic engineering
•Engineered enzymes for biofuels production
•Applications in biocatalysis, medicine, and new biomaterials

III. Bioinformatics in biotechnology
*Genetic engineering and transgenics
*Gene therapy

*Genetic engineering and transgenics
The procedures used to isolate, splice and manipulate DNA outside the cell. Genetic Engineering allows a recombinantly engineered DNA segment to be introduced into a foreign cell or organism, and be able to replicate and function normally.

A foreign gene that is introduced into a cell or whole organism (eg.transgenic mice) for therapeutic or experimental purposes.

The science of using living things, such as plants and microorganisms, to remove toxins from the environment and restore it to a healthful condition.
# Bioinformatics Application
The dynamic development of bioinformatics enables both the planning of biological research and its multidirected analysis. The application of computer databases and specialised computer programmes is the basis for the development of many contemporary biological disciplines, including molecular genetics. Bioinformatics seems to be the tool neccesary to study the structure of genes, their mechanisms of operation, and their cooperation. The nucleotide sequence of binary plasmid genes are available in the database, tools are available to design primer pairs for the synthesis of desirable fusion gene construct with PCR method. Restriction enzyme analysis helps to decide on the compatibility between the inserts

IV. Immunoinformatics
Computational immunology is a field of science that encompasses high-throughput genomic and bioinformatics approaches to immunology. The field's main aim is to convert immunological data into computational problems, solve these problems using mathematical and computational approaches and then convert these results into immunologically meaningful interpretations.
# Bioinformatics Application
The explosive growth of bioinformatics techniques and applications in the post-genomics era has radically transformed immunology research. This has led to a comparable growth in the field of computation immunology, or immunoinformatics. Some bioinformatics works in this field include designing antigenic peptides, developing DNA vaccine strategies, studying antigen-antibody interaction etc.

V. Metabolic pathway engineering
"The commercial production of fuels chemicals using pathway engineering"
Metabolic engineering is the practice of optimizing genetic and regulatory processes within cells to increase the cells' production of a certain substance. Metabolic engineers commonly work to reduce cellular energy use (ie, the energetic cost of cell reproduction or proliferation) and to reduce waste production. Producing beer, wine, cheese, pharmaceuticals, and other biotechnology products often involves metabolic engineering.
Integration of metabolic pathway engineering and fermentation production technologies is necessary for the successful commercial production of chemicals. The 'toolbox' to do pathway engineering is ever expanding to enable mining of biodiversity, to maximize productivity, enhance carbon efficiency, improve product purity, expand product lines, and broaden markets. Functional genomics, proteomics, fluxomics, and physiomics are complementary to pathway engineering, and their successful applications are bound to multiply product turnover per cell, channel carbon efficiently, shrink the size of factories
# Tool and Applications
It covers applications of emerging technologies including recent research genome-wide technologies, DNA and phenotypic microarrays, and proteomics tools for experimentally determining flux through pathways. Emerging applications include producing fine chemicals, drugs, and alternative fuels.

VI. Ligand library generation
There has been a rapid growth of interest in techniques for site-directed drug design, fuelled by the increasing availability of structural models of proteins of therapeutic importance.

Studies reported in the literature showing that potent chemical leads can be obtained by this technique, ligand library generation. This structure generation programs offer the prospect of discovering highly original lead structures from novel chemical families.
Virtual database assembly: A database which has crucial activity as it enables access to the large number of drug- like molecules that could theoretically be made... can serve several purposes: for example, to generate a maximally diverse virtual library for lead generation, a biased library aimed at a specific target or target family, or a lead optimization library.
# Bioinformatics Application
The impact of bioinformatics on drug discovery advances in chemical lead discovery and pharmacophore-based approaches to drug design.

VII. Biostatistics
Biostatistics is the fields that use statistical methods and mathematics to better understand biology.
Statistical methods are beginning to be integrated into medical informatics, public health informatics, and bioinformatics
# Bioinformatics Application
Applying (Statistical packages:SPSS, STATA etc) statistical principles on design, analysis, and state-of-the-art information management systems to advance biomedical research and raise the clinical trial standards;
Carrying out revolutionary and high quality research on bioinformatics and statistical genetics to advance biotechnology and genomic medicine;
Conducting high quality theoretical and methodological research on biomedical statistics and bioinformatics.
Out-door performance:

# On July, 2009, attended a National Symposium on "Prospective aspects of Microbial diversity”, at Standard Fireworks Rajaratnam College for Women, Sivakasi.

# On August 2009, participated a National Symposium on "Zavest-09” Satyabama University, Chennai.

#On Dec 2009, participated in KAAS 2009 at Holy Cross college, Nagercoil.

In-door performace:

#On January 2010 , Biotrix association was conducted by Biosciences team groups at Noorul Islam College of Arts and science, Kumaracoil, Thuckalay.

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